Which would you rather (naughty version)....  

NewHere4Kink 43F  
287 posts
7/22/2018 3:43 pm
Which would you rather (naughty version)....

New random thought running through the deepest kinkiest recesses of my mind... which would you rather....?
Meet a stranger for one time fabulous hook up...?
Meet someone who is not so much of a sranger for ongoing fabulous hook ups...?
Meet someone you know well for one time fabulous hook up....?
Meet someone you know well for ongoing fabulous hook ups....?
Meet your “unicorn “ and fall helplessly and completely in love... ?
Btw... if you voted for option #5... you’re on the wrong site and may only find frustration here! ;-)

LordMandrakeJB 62M  
240 posts
7/22/2018 3:46 pm

The more you know about a partner, the better the sex can get!

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:11 pm:
Oh... I concur!

Ienjoythetaste 70M  
2544 posts
7/22/2018 3:58 pm

Your second option becomes the fourth option after awhile.

“For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.”
― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Much like this site

Visit my Blog for my adventures.

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:11 pm:
What an interesting idea😊

Anything182 52M
28 posts
7/22/2018 4:10 pm

The more you know a person you know what they like

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:13 pm:
Absolutely. I agree... likes... dislikes where the like to be touched... kissed....

Heathen_G 60M
5707 posts
7/22/2018 4:39 pm

Your use of, "Fabulous hook up " is pretty funny, so feminine.

I don't know of any straight men who seek "Fabulous hook ups"..LOL

Perhaps, "Hot", "Passionate" , "Haunting" [stuff orgasmic memories are made of].

I like meeting a woman I don't know, never will know, for a onetime everlasting haunting memorable hookup that makes me hard and hot with fever years and decades later. Those are the good ones. Yes ma'am!

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:07 pm:
I am a female.... silly! 😜

EmmaLeigh7 46F
6 posts
7/22/2018 5:43 pm

I definitely like the idea of meeting a complete stranger for fabulous hook ups, but I'm not sure that I'd limit it to one time!

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:10 pm:
That’s what I love about this place someone for every taste/passion. Hope you find yours! 😉

Todd0516 48M  
17 posts
7/22/2018 6:18 pm

I will go with the stranger

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:09 pm:
Adventurous... I like it!

yayfunstuff 49M
7 posts
7/22/2018 6:20 pm

would love to reconnect with someone and fuck them over and over

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:08 pm:
Then I wish that for you!

clittywhisperer1 54M
1064 posts
7/22/2018 6:44 pm

i found my unicorn . now waiting one more year to be able to bang her silly daily after she moves here from mn .
also got contacted by old old high school girlfriend . i walked away back then cause she was a bit defiant and nuts. she has had a horrible life ,ended up homeless and addicted , now really sick . she said she wanted to marry me back in college and loved me ... so sad ,nice sentiment though ,i thought she hated me , we only had sex like 2x ever ...i pray for her

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:06 pm:
I’m thrilled for you. It’s exceptional when you find that 1 special someone. Too bad about you high school ex. Sometimes I wish people could have a “do over” to go back and correct past mistakes. All the best to you all! L

olderboy48 69M  
45 posts
7/22/2018 9:37 pm

One time is ok, but meeting someone for more frequent hook ups is the best possible outcome.

Whatsitgoing2B06 58M
45 posts
7/23/2018 4:26 am

Ongoing hookups is always the best!

slowrider8649 54M  
133 posts
7/23/2018 4:27 am

I think sex gets better with each encounter, so I'm looking for an ongoing thing with someone

NWHubbi 60M  
243 posts
7/23/2018 6:21 am

I'm getting to know you stranger!!! winks and smiles.. damn that distance between us!! Muuuuuuuuuuah!!! We have definitely some things in common!! Hoooooooah!

luvhandle14 52M  
77 posts
7/23/2018 11:28 am

I had a couple of meetings with ladies I never met before and they were total strangers for me, apart from their profile on the Internet and an email exchange. We agreed to meet just for sex and pleasure, and in most cases we enjoyed it and repeated the meeting a second time and more. In one case I would love to have a closer relationship, but this is getting to close for her so we stayed just fuck buddies.
Sometimes, you need a lot of sex to get really close and intimate

temptationplus58 60F

7/23/2018 11:34 am

Ongoing FWB great, however hookups don't appeal to me.

bbisme15 53M
27 posts
7/23/2018 1:00 pm

Ongoing with the stranger. Of course they would not be a stranger any longer

Deathtohipsters 34M
5 posts
7/23/2018 8:11 pm

That's the truth...

Heathen_G 60M
5707 posts
7/24/2018 9:29 am

NewHere4Kink replies on 7/22/2018 8:07 pm:
I am a female.... silly! 😜

Yes, I knew that you are a female.....

Swift590 36M
10 posts
7/24/2018 1:04 pm

I used to be firmly in the camp of wanting to meet strangers, and then I actually experienced #5 and it had to end after a month (I wrote a whole blog post about it). It was better than anything else I had ever experienced in my life for the time that it lasted. Hook ups are just the next best thing until I can find that again

moonie12556 62M  
23 posts
7/24/2018 2:21 pm

Have a person just like that but it getting more difficult to get together, distance ,commitments, etc. But when we do gt together it's so worth it

nicelipss66 42F  
23058 posts
7/24/2018 2:27 pm

I actually had number 5 happen to me in here. about 3 years ago, met a man from here. he quickly told me he was not looking for anything serious, that he was just going to be here for one year cause of his job. that he was originally from TX and was planning that the government was going to bring him back to TX after his one year in the DC area. he was a great man. I could tell. so I said, no problem. I am not looking for a bf either, just a friend with whom to do things together sometimes. he is an excellent man. honest to the core. after that first meeting we were inseparable. always meeting every single Friday afternoon and hanging out all weekend until Sunday night. we never missed one weekend together in that year. Needless to say, when his one year was up and the government was pulling him back, he didn't wanted to go. he told me it was hard for him to leave. fought to stay, they gave him one more year, then he asked for a different position so he could get to permanent stay in my area. we still going. he is simply a great man. I don't have one compliant about him.

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2017Up4You 51M
140 posts
7/25/2018 5:45 am

I would prefer a long term connection...the fantasy of a one time hook up with a stranger has always been interesting...but would rather have better knowledge of the partner!

vfr800rider 57M  
24 posts
7/25/2018 10:17 pm

I like to meet new people, but no one is a stranger after you sleep with them.

Polson99 51M
4 posts
7/26/2018 6:03 am

I have to agree, sex with someone you know a little better is way hotter sex then with a complete stranger.

tyrantcapri 46M
19 posts
7/26/2018 6:57 am

# 1 if its going to be fabulous, where we can do all the nasty, freaky fabulous things to each other without having to face each other in any awkward moments down the road.....but then again, if it's fabulous for both of us, chances are it may become ongoing fabulous encounters. I mean, why stop at one, "get it while the gettings good" lol..

gtrider28 62M  
615 posts
7/26/2018 4:54 pm

I voted for #5 Shit happens

ericsmith98105 36M
26 posts
7/26/2018 5:53 pm

Great survey!

tenderlion30 34M

7/27/2018 1:01 am

i like to fuck my friends ( women only) ,best sex ever

20ForMILF 20M

7/27/2018 1:52 am

Ideally "Meet someone who is not so much of a stranger for ongoing fabulous hook ups." But my experience has been ongoing hookups rarely last too long without tensions arising." - someone is never content and will want more than just the sex if it is ongoing.

BeesBanger 43M
74 posts
7/27/2018 11:33 am

i was feeling #1 today

all not bad choices though!

niceguyniceunit2 48M
35 posts
7/27/2018 3:57 pm

Any of the first four sound nice, but 2 sounds best...

Babbabooey65 53M
4 posts
7/27/2018 9:47 pm

The best is when the one time stranger develops into the ongoing not-so stranger because the first time was too fucking hot to stay away from each other.

LustfulLexi387 36F  
13 posts
7/28/2018 3:59 am

Meet someone I know well for ongoing fabulous hookups

garhfx 63M
6 posts
7/28/2018 4:36 am

I vote the first option becoming the second option...

hotchris76 43M  
124 posts
7/28/2018 7:13 am

I have my unicorn, so I like to meet strangers.


bifun50 69M
298 posts
7/28/2018 11:14 am

Of course would be happy meeting someone no so much a stranger also

jg22777 39T  
13 posts
7/28/2018 5:20 pm

The only stranger I can find is my left hand.

jason2371961 57M
390 posts
7/29/2018 2:20 am

just hooking is fun in self

horny_guy_62 63M
21 posts
7/29/2018 7:05 am

#3 is happening next weekend. There has always been sexual tension between us and now that she is moving to the other coast, we have decided on that one passionate fling before she goes.

trisha_ann_glynn 46T
1973 posts
7/29/2018 11:29 pm

when you ask for something, you never know when God is actually listening.
So waste no wish. I pick #5

subson4dadd 33M
24 posts
7/30/2018 1:19 pm

actually all but the 5th option sound great...!!!

letschataboutit9 56M
60 posts
7/30/2018 10:10 pm

Can never go wrong with seconds, thirds, etc with someone you know.

maturedadam68 50M
174 posts
7/31/2018 2:24 am

Meet someone who is not so much of a sranger for ongoing fabulous hook ups..

baldbuddah1959 59M  
97 posts
7/31/2018 3:40 am

Can I have one of each?

Endowedtofuck 39M  
12 posts
7/31/2018 6:16 am

Meeting a stranger for sex is so exciting.

GiveMeMoreAgain 58M
80 posts
7/31/2018 10:08 am

Meeting a stranger for a fabulous hookup might turn into more awesome moments. I know it has for me.

BiJack55 69M
119 posts
7/31/2018 1:18 pm

Yes to all but 5

TuAmor06 58M
49 posts
7/31/2018 11:21 pm

Always up for meeting a stranger for a fabulous hook up!

Jm4653 49M
13 posts
8/1/2018 10:22 am

The first 4 are all great

Jm4653 49M
13 posts
8/1/2018 10:24 am

Which would you rather naughty version

The first 4 are all great

Lostincarlsbad 58M
34 posts
8/1/2018 7:06 pm

looking for that someone tonight! LOL!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 58M
3216 posts
8/1/2018 9:48 pm

1 thru 4 are all good at times, but 4 is the best. I agree tho, if you chose 5, your on the wrong site !

ej2times3 56M
77 posts
8/2/2018 4:21 pm

for sure on going hook up with a new friend...

johnnygo576 24M
7 posts
8/5/2018 7:30 am

Ongoing with the stranger

mrstiffler469 55M

8/5/2018 10:16 am

I voted for someone who is not so much of a stranger...

BimaleSeeksfun2 48M
8 posts
8/8/2018 9:57 am

have had many hook ups but the one time thing I think are the best . no names just fucking .

Wvdrillrig 45M
10 posts
8/9/2018 11:19 am

would love to get together with a girl i knew in high school,and have sex over and over with her.

Askaboutme96 22M
20 posts
8/10/2018 1:15 am

I will go with option 6

jones11y11 55M

8/12/2018 8:28 am

any of the above

virginguy4woman2 36M
75 posts
8/12/2018 11:39 am


AFarmerGuy15 42M
4 posts
8/26/2018 11:08 pm

always fantasized of someone I know starting something with me

pleagain 53M  
48 posts
8/27/2018 2:55 am

i so need a fuck friend

Lonely2518 54F  
66 posts
8/27/2018 5:17 am

I would just lik to have sex

sharky925 53M
16 posts
8/27/2018 5:37 am

Meeting a stranger is always fun

phil4001 43M
45 posts
8/27/2018 5:30 pm

stranger for ungoing hookup would be best .

it not something i would want with a close circle of people

NewHere4Kink replies on 8/27/2018 6:28 pm:
Yep. I’m in 200% agreement with that! Thanks

tongulator 46M
11 posts
8/29/2018 1:45 pm

I'm not opposed to getting to know someone a little bit while we have fun for awhile.

Dtts43rt35 60M
1923 posts
9/19/2018 1:46 pm

It's good to get enough

....The joys are always welcome!

Cr8vlips62 56M
7 posts
9/20/2018 11:27 am

I like to get to know a little about a woman before I play with her.

AlexanderVIIII 37M  
2 posts
9/27/2018 6:54 am

Very cool story

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