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College Summer
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 4:45 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2019 9:28 pm
Casey has always been close to our family and he would come stay at our house. He was always a very nice, meek and a very respectful person. He was also very skinny , but cute. I notice that last year when he spend some time with us during the summer break from collage that while he was still very sweet and respectful, but now he was a grown man. I also noticed that he could not keep his eyes of my titties and my ass. Everybody in the livestyle knows that I like to show off and flash my tits, ass and even my pussy, but I am a conservative dresser when I am not swinging or when we are in our town. I am very much lady like my job demands it and our family does not know about our secret livestyle. I could tell Casey was hot for me. It got me hot and there were a few occasions that my pussy was dripping for his dick. I put this out of my head several times cause I felt guilty. But Casey was continuing to make me hot because of the way he would sneak looks at me when I bend over or when he went with our family to the beach or when we were in our pool at home.
I saw Casey's dick through his thin shorts one night after he got out of the shower and was sitting on a chair with his leg over the arm. I think he liked my tank top and jean shorts even though they were tame compare to what I wear swinging. We were in the living room alone and it was a little awkward, but hot. Casey's dick was long and thick and I just wanted to go over and pull it out and suck on it. I think he knew I wanted his big cock in my pussy. Another time we were up late watching a Richard Gear movie where Gear's good wife starts cheating on him and get fucked in these graphic sex scenes. I told my Husband and Casey everybody loves a good wife that's secret slut and almost all women have a little whore in them.
One night we had a large cookout in our front yard that was just getting over and I was putting away some things in our barn that is in our back yard. I overheard Casey and another one of the guys talking about me while they were drinking beer in our pool. Ryan asked Casey "Are you beating your dick every night over Miss Kelli's big tits and ass while you are staying here". Casey said "I want to stick my dick in Miss Kelli's pussy one time". Ryan asked Casey "have you ever seen those big tits? Casey said "only in clothes and in a bikini twice and other bathing suits, but Kelli has some fine big natural tatas". He added that bitch is bad in a bikini. Ryan said "I heard that Dee and Kelli go to Cosplay in Savannah and one time Kelli had on a Harley Quinn suit with her tits and ass all hanging out and pulled her skirt up for someone to take a picture of her ass". Casey said " I don't believe that, but Kelli has got a big sexy ass. "I have seen it in a bikini bottom and her ass was busting out everywhere". Ryan said "I want to fuck that ass". Casey said " I like that she is short and a petite chic with big titties and thick fine ass". Casey said "I watched her sucking a straw with those pretty lips tonight looking at me and I think she wants to suck my cock". Ryan said "You are full of shit she wants me". Ryan said "it's hard not to look at Kelli's big bouncy titties". Casey said "yea I seen Kelli's cleavage and I think a lot about sucking on her nipples and tit fucking her". My pussy was sooooo wet hearing all of this and I walked out of the barn and up to the pool and asked them "do you mean this titties"? I pulled out my DDs" and shook them at them and I just walked away. I rushed to take a shower and finished putting on a house coat with nothing under it. After everyone left my Husband and Son were taking showers Casey came into the kitchen and sat down at the table where I was and said he was sorry and that he and Ryan had drank too much. He said we grew up here at this house thinking that you were the hot Mom and just got carried away. I stood up opened my house coat and showed Casey my big tits and shaved pussy and thong tan lined ass. I said "I won't tell if you show me your dick". He pulled out his nice long dick that was thick as hell and hard. I straddled him sticking my tongue in his mouth and sitting on his dick and took his length twice slow and then rode him hard for about a minute while he squeezed my tits hard. I gripped his thick cock with my pussy muscles and let loose and quickly stood up leaving his heavy cock wet with my pussy juice loose to fall against his leg and I tied my robe back up. I told him to let that be our secret and if he didn't brag I might let him fuck my titties some time. I went back to the living room.
The next morning I was washing my car and Casey went to his car and acted if he was getting something out and told me "I can't stop thinking how you felt and I am so hard for your pussy". I said "Casey, you just want some cheating whore pussy". Casey said "you tits are so big and I love your tan lines". I said if I knew you dick was so big I would have let you fuck me sooner". Casey begged "can I fuck you again"? I asked him "how long is your sexy cock"? Casey said "8 and a half inches". I said "that's a big white boy cock". Casey said, "how do you know"? I said "I love fucking black dicks cause there so big". "I was always told that black dick was off limits to good girls and that made me want them even more. I love feeling like a dirty slut so if something make me feel slutty I cum harder". That's why I am going to cheat with you cause I am a slut that likes to be pumped hard while I am cheating". I told Casey to drive to the railroad tracks down the dirt road from the paved road and I would give him some pussy. I met him there and pulled off my gym shorts and pulled up my shirt and Casey started sucking my big tits hard as I undone his pants and I let his 8 and a half inch cock spring out and fill my hands and I spit on my fingers and jacked his big dick feeling how fat and long it was. My cunt started getting wetter and wetter. We were standing in the grass by the tracks beside the cars with me bottomless on my tip toes as Casey finger fucked me and sucked my titties and me jacking his big hanging dick. Casey said "your big tits are so sexy" as he hungrily sucked my nipples leaving them wet with his spit. I squirted on Casey's hand and begged him to fuck me doggy style. "Casey , tell me I am a cheating whore and fuck me hard with your long dick" I screamed! He pumped me so hard as I twerked my ass fucking him back and he said "that is so slutty" I then laid in his truck seat with my legs spread out of the truck and up in the air so he could see my pussy and titties Casey said "You pussy looks so sexy". I told him to push all of his big cock in me and grind his balls hard on my cunt and I came screaming "fuck me like the cheating bitch I am". I felt his big dick quiver as he was shooting off in me filling pussy with his creamy cum. I watched as he kept fucking till all of his cum was bubbly and covered on his cock and I got down on my knees and sucked his dick while looking up at him telling him "you got a nice big dick" as I put it back in my greedy mouth wanting his cum. Casey said that he was going to stay at his Mom's a few days and come back to our house the middle of the week. He begged me for my pussy when he came back. I told Casey to bring Ryan to the house Tuesday at 12pm and that I would be the only one there and I wanted to talk about what was said and I made him promise not to tell what we had done.
Tuesday came and I had lip glossed my titties and was wearing a pair of very small whore red thongs and a red pair of stripper shoes and nothing else. I was sitting in a beach chair drinking a water by the pool. I heard the two trucks pull up in the front yard. I texted Casey and said come to the pool. After about 5 minutes Casey and Ryan came around to the pool. I seen them smile as they saw my tits glissing in the sun. They came close and I said "Hey guys". They said "hey". I said "my titties need to be sucked" and they both quickly got on their knees and sucked that lip gloss off both my titties. I kissed both of them while they were sucking my tits. I said "put you dicks in my mouth" and they each pulled out their cocks and stuck them in my face and I spit ' licked and sucked on both their dicks. Casey said "Kelli knows how to suck a dick" as I had the head of his cock in my mouth and jacked Ryan. Ryan put his dick on my cheek close to my lips waiting to get a turn on my mouth. Ryan said "I wanted to fuck you for years" as I swallowed his whole cock. I said "why don't you two each pull a string on my thong". They pulled the strings and the panties fell showing my pussy. I said "take my shoes off" as I opened my legs wide and put my feet in the air. They each took a shoe off me. I said "Fuck my pussy guys take turns or put your cocks in me at the same time if you can make them fit I don't care just hurt my slutty cunt". Ryan got on top of me and started riding me hard and I screamed "grind my slutty hole with your dick". Casey had his big dick in my face leaking precum telling me "suck my dick Kelli, I love fucking you sexy mouth"! I came on Ryan's dick and quickly I had Casey get under me and laid on him sliding down his cock with my pussy facing up and had Ryan force his dick in my full cunt and they double fucked me as I dripped juice and creamed both their cocks having organism after organism. They both pulled out then took hard turns on my aching cunt over and over saying "Kelli your such a hot bitch to two take two cocks at one time and both saying I had the best pussy they ever had. Casey said "I love double fucking your cheating whore pussy Kelli"! Ryan ask me "you like two cock in you pussy Kelli"as he fucked me, Hard! Casey said "Kelli you big tit bitch take my cum"! I said "I love it fuck me like a whore" and they pulled out a again and I put my arms behind me and stuck my tits and tongue out as they jacked and sprayed my mouth and titties with all their cum covering my lips and tits. They didn't quit they kept sliding their dicks in my mouth sometimes trying to force both at one time with Ryan saying "damn Kelli you look so good with our cum all over your pretty face". I want your hot mouth on my dick again". Casey said "I lied, I had to tell Ryan how sexy and wild you were and he didn't believe me cause we never would have thought you were a nympho that you twerked on my cock and talked so dirty when you fuck and arched your back and spread you legs showing off your pussy". I told him how good you looked with my dick in you and what your big tits looked like cause I was the first to see them and we have both want that for a long time". Casey tried to get his dick in my mouth also rubbing it on my face as Ryan did the same thing. I said "Guys will you take a pic of my wet tits so I can text it to my Husband" and they both said without a question "damn right can we fuck you again"? I started arching my back as Casey slide his dick in me, but I couldn't say yes cause Ryan had his dick in my mouth. Cheating whore, Slut Wife pussy will make college boys crazy!
Kelli's Birthday
Posted:Dec 18, 2018 6:11 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 2:31 pm
We had a great time meeting with 4 couples and 5 single guys. We soft played with three of the couples in the strip club and 4 of the single guys. One couple got very intoxicated so we didn't carry them to the room and the other couple had never played before and were intimated by the single guys so we just talked to them and said good by after about an hour with a promise to meet again. Two of the single guys were not Kelli's type and after some talk we said bye to them and one single had to go to work at 12am. We soft played hard in the bar with the 2 couples and 3 guys with a lot of kissing , titty sucking and ass squeezing and at 12 we went to a room with one couple and 2 singles and had a orgy that ended with a birthday gang bang for Kelli. We love to meet new people and see what happens.
Kelli's Birthday
Posted:Dec 18, 2018 6:11 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 2:31 pm
We had a great time meeting with 4 couples and 5 single guys. We soft played with three of the couples in the strip club and 4 of the single guys. One couple got very intoxicated so we didn't carry them to the room and the other couple had never played before and were intimated by the single guys so we just talked to them and said good by after about an hour with a promise to meet again. Two of the single guys were not Kelli's type and after some talk we said bye to them and one single had to go to work at 12am. We soft played hard in the bar with the 2 couples and 3 guys with a lot of kissing , titty sucking and ass squeezing and at 12 we went to a room with one couple and 2 singles and had a orgy that ended with a birthday gang bang for Kelli. We love to meet new people and see what happens.
Cum sucking whore.
Posted:Dec 3, 2018 4:21 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2019 4:46 pm
You fuck her doggy style sooo good. Can I put my head on her ass and take your dick and load in my mouth after you pull out of her pretty pussy. I would love to then drip your cum out of my slutty mouth onto her sexy cunt after she lays on her back and spread her legs and juicy cunt and then lick and suck her while you use and hurt my pussy with that sexy, long dick. Please let me be the two of y'alls cum sucking whore.

Jiggy Girls
Posted:Aug 26, 2018 9:46 pm
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2018 6:49 pm
I jiggy when I get my pussy sucked or fucked cause my tits and ass like to move when my clits is getting sucked or my cunt gets fucked. When a guy and a girl do me together her sucking and him fucking I really like to shake, squirt and cum and I love to return the favor!

Lets fuck
Posted:Aug 26, 2018 8:50 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2018 12:01 pm
If your are a Kitten or a Cub I would love to be your Cougar! I really have a thing for for guys younger than me so lets see if like the Milf experienced and please bring your friends cause I love lots dick and getting wett and wild with all the inches I can stand. I also love the kittens, licking and sucking you tender ronies on all of your pink parts until all we can do is hug lightly kiss and titties kiss until we are sucking clits again and when i am riding your pretty college girl faces it don't take me long! Have to always tell everyone we never promise anything until we meet. We also fuck in groups a lot, such as me getting gang banged and orgies, but we do also do MFM and FMF and of course couples play and my Husband fucks me every time I fuck unless he has already came and I go another time cause I like it and I am that kind of bad girl. The only rules are u have to be of legal age and absolutely no drugs, disease, or drama. Great Hygiene is a must. PS I love other MILFs too so please cum cum. Kelli

MILF goes to College
Posted:Aug 26, 2018 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2018 5:05 pm
I have to admit I love being a MILF and I love young 20 something dicks. I love walking up to a guy and telling him "Hey baby I am a cougar and I want to fuck you". They never understand and I also ways have to say twice, but usually they are between my legs and have came on my tits in an hour. Their dicks never go down cause I can't stop sucking on those young stud cocks and they are right back pumping me for round 2. I like even better with there is a couple or a group of them for me to show them just how much us "MOTHERS THEY LIKE TO FUCK LOVE TO FUCK THEM"! So cum on College boys give some me some dick!

Pussy for Pussy
Posted:Aug 26, 2018 7:21 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2019 2:31 pm
I would like to suck on a hot girls clit while I finger fucked her pretty pussy with one hand and squeeze her titties with the other hand. I would get so hot if she squirted on my face and tits. I would not stop sucking till my lips were dripping with her cum. I would love to rub and grinde my drenched cunt on her hot juicy pussy as I squeezed her shapely ass and we kissed until we just couldn't cum anymore.

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the slutest of them all
Posted:Aug 26, 2018 9:03 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2018 2:58 pm
Just want that big black dick, it will look and feel so good in my white girl pussy. I like to watch black dicks go in and out of my pussy. I get really hot sucking and dripping spit on big black dicks and rubbing them on my tits and pink nipples looking in the mirror that makes my cunt drip.
Invitation on
Posted:Aug 6, 2018 4:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2018 2:59 pm
Hi sweetie,
What a HOT & SEXY thing you are. I would LOVE to share you and your 3 yummy holes with all my black bulls all weekend long... SMILE Laura
8/6/2018 1:59 am

I would love that. If you pull my hair and told me what a slutty little white bitch I am. I would suck your clit and finger fuck you while they take turns fucking my little white whore pussy till the big, long, black dicks came all over us.
Need it, bang me.
Posted:Jul 28, 2018 9:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2018 9:06 am
I showed 4 very hot white solders my tits at a bar on Friday night. I just walked up to them and asked them if they mind me showing them my titties and took my big tits out of my sun dress and squeezed and shook my tits pinching and sucking my nipples.. I told them I wanted to share my pussy and mouth. One said he was gay. The others said that they wanted to, but couldn't right then. Dee and I went to another bar 10 miles away and I walked up to where 4 black guys were playing pool. I asked them if I could play. They said yes and I played by showing them my tits, ass and pussy by pulling my dress up or over. I asked them if they want to fuck me and they enjoyed the show and felt me up but couldn't they said. So I gave them my info. We walked outside and met to other hot black guys. These guys had seen us at a party in Savannah and they also froze up then, but not this time cause we parked behind the hotel were the bar was and they fucked me so hard outside of the cars in the parking lot and I came so hard. I sucked their huge blacks dicks and took their cum in my mouth. Dee fucked me as the others sucked my tits and shot off in my pussy making me cum for the third time this night. His cum leaked out of my cunt as we drove home which always makes me want more dick cause it tickles my pussy dripping from my slutty little hole. We just drove home cause it was so late. I know I am a greedy slut, but I already want some more cock and some pussy too.
A cert I just sent.
Posted:Jul 16, 2018 9:00 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2018 3:00 pm
This guy gives the interracial version of Richard Gere in American Gigolo except you get fucked for free. He is st8, drug free and safe. He is great with couples and shares well, making the wife the center of attention. He loves to set the stage with a nice hotel and lots of respect making Wife and Husband both comfortable. He is sweet, smooth and hung, yea he has a nice big black dick and girls he knows how to use it too. I really enjoyed getting shared by this stud and you will too, give him a try. He will treat you like a lady and fuck you like a slut and ain't that why we all do it. Kelli
I want to suck y'all!
Posted:Jul 12, 2018 1:05 am
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2018 9:07 am
Oral Fetish

I sucked a hot 22 year old Blonde college stud off in a parking lot of a convenient store in Statesboro Ga. last Thursday night. He filled my mouth full of his cum in 8 minutes of sucking his dick in the back of our car as Dee watched from the front seat. I swallowed most of his tasty cum and he got out of the car to go show his friends a pic on his phone that he took of my tits where the rest of his cum dripped. We drove until we found a dirt road so Dee could pump my pussy full of his cum as I came all over his dick. He fucked me so hard as he told me what a fucking whore I was for sucking that guy in the parking lot. Dee said "take my load you little bitch" as his shot off in my cunt. I got on my knees and licked my Husband s dick clean.
Friday night Dee and another Husband watch as I sucked Rani a 29 year old red headed wife's pussy. She had never been with another girl. Her husband just wanted to watch her with another girl. Too bad cause I wanted to give he some pussy too. We have be talking to them for months working this out. I made her cum in my mouth as I told her how good her pussy tasted while I licked her clit and finger fuck her little wett hole and rubbed her left nipple between my thumb and finger. I asked her if she like my slutty mouth on her smooth pussy and I felt her quiver as she came on my tongue and lips. She got up and sat with her man while Dee fucked me till I came and then he jacked off in my face as I begged him to cum on my slutty face. Dee came a lot all over and in my mouth and in my hair. I let the cum that was in my mouth drip on my big tits as I looked at Rani. The Couple said that they were going home to fuck. We hope to get this couple to go to a party soon.
Saturday night Dee and I met this guy Len a very muscular, very hung 25 year old black stud. He was in the military and had a recent paper where he was tested and cleared disease free. He said he had a 11 inch dick and it damn looked that long and it was huge around so I was sucking it and jacking it with two hands when he said he wanted me to measure it. He handed me a sewing tap and I put the tape to the place where his long cock started and measured to the head and it was just shy of 11 inches, but very close. This made me very hot so I began to beg him for his huge black cock. I watch him slide his big monster cock in me without a condom. He fucked me so hard and I came over and over again. I told him to pull my hair and call me a white bitch and he rode me for a long time calling me slut, whore and bitch. We pulled his big cock out of me I had creamed thick white cum all over big black dick and he made me suck it telling me what a dirty little bitch I was. I was gushing at this point. He pushed me down and barebacked my slutty pussy from behind as he cupped both my phat tits with his big hands till he came in me filling my cunt full of his big load. i was dripping his cum and mine as he hung his huge dick in my face and demand I suck it clean like the whore I was and I was happy to get his dick back in my slut mouth. I sucked it till Dee declared he was cumming and he sprayed his load over my face and tits make me feel so slutty as both guy's juice was dripping down my face and body. All I can say is, I am a sucker for hanging dicks and dripping pussies. Kelli

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